Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become part of the Dialogue program on September 24, on the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement. PM Modi interacted with the influential person of the country and fitness-obsessed Virat Kohli and Milling Soman.

During this, PM Modi also asked the secret of Virat's fitness? He said that your name and work are both great. Talking about fitness, Virat Kohli said that in the generation where we started playing, the demand for sports had changed. Our system was not right for the game and because of the game I had to change a lot.

Virat also said that when he does not realize how important fitness is, today if the practice is missed, it does not feel bad, but takes care of fitness. During this time, PM Modi also asked Virat that because of your fitness, Chole Bhutare of Delhi must have been damaged.

Apart from this, PM Modi also asked Virat about the Yoyo Test to be held in the Indian cricket team. Virat has told that every player of the team is required for the Yoyo Test and the captain is also filed in the filed. Virat also said that fitness is the performance improvement of Indian players. Explain that Virat Kohli's count is one of the fittest players in the world. These days Virat Kohli is playing IPL in UAE. Virat Kohli has the captaincy of RCB in his hands.