Team India's fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah surprised many fans on Saturday when he mimicked the bowling action of India's great spinner Anil Kumble. Its video was shared by the Instagram account of Team India itself. After mimicking Bumrah's bowling action, now Kumble's reaction is known as 'Jumbo'. Kumble said that the fast bowler has imitated his bowling action quite well.

Kumble, replying to the related tweet, wrote, "Well done boom. You were very close to it. You are an inspiration for the next generation of young fast bowlers who are imitating your style. Best wishes for the next series. On Saturday, a video of Jaspreet Bumrah was shared on Team India's Instagram account, in which he was mimicking the legendary bowler Anil Kumble. The caption of this video states that, "We have seen Jasprit Bumrah hitting accurate yorkers and dangerous bouncers so far." Here we have brought for you such a version of Bumrah, which you have never seen before.

Bumrah is trying to imitate legendary spinner Anil Kumble and has been successful in doing it to a large extent. It can be seen clearly in this video that the fast bowler is mimicking 'Jumbo' in a great way. is. It was Kumble, under whose guidance Bumrah succeeded in performing well at the start of his international career. Bumrah last played an international match against Australia last month in Sydney, where there was a draw between the two teams. Bumrah is currently preparing for the Test series against England. The Test series starts on February 5.