The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has given the rights to organize the Indian company Seven 3 Sports for the proposed Nepal Premier League (NPL). According to CAN chairman Chatur Bahadur Chand on Wednesday, the governing body of cricket has approved a proposal by the Executive Council to give the Indian company the rights to organize. The Governing Body meeting was held on Wednesday. Chand said that the NPL would be owned by CAN. Nepal Cricket will benefit from NPL.

The Indian company will give 40 crores in 10 years

Chand said- Indian company will give 400 million (Rs 40 crore) in 10 years to the Cricket Association of Nepal. She will give 25 million (2.5 million rupees) in the first year. As per the agreement, the company will increase the amount every year. However, the deal has not been finalized. But at the initial stage, the company has been signed.

Several suggestions have also been made on behalf of members of the General Assembly. These suggestions will be discussed before finalizing the deal with the company. The company has been working in the field of sports and entertainment for many years.

The company will upgrade the stadium in Nepal

He said- Under the agreement, the company also has to upgrade two stadiums. Our priority is to install flood lights on the TU ground. After that, the facilities are to be upgraded in Pokhara or Bhairahwa Maidan.

Economic condition will be strengthened by the company agreement

He said - We have a budget from the ICC, the source of income. It gets 80 million (8 crores) from there. Of which 60 million (6 crores) is spent on salary and allowances. An agreement with the company will provide an additional amount. This will develop cricket in Nepal.