Many legendary players from around the world like Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, and Cristiano Ronaldo have congratulated their fans for Christmas. The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar shared a special video on his Twitter greeting Christmas, in which he is seen becoming Santa Claus.Tendulkar shared a video on his Twitter, in which he is seen in a Santa Claus dress. He also wrote, Merry Christmas to all. Christmas is always known for bringing and giving people together. Let's make it special.Rohit Sharma, who went on a tour of Australia, also congratulated Christmas. Rohit, sharing his wife and daughter's picture, wrote, Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holiday, Miss You Guys. Australia opener David Warner has shared the video with his family on Instagram. Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo also shared a photo with the family.Ronaldo wrote We wish you a Merry Christmas !! Filled with love, health, and happiness. Significantly, the year 2020 has not reduced any nightmares for the whole world. The coronavirus havoc devastated the entire world. Due to the corona, sports activities have also come to a halt for a long time, but now people are relieved gradually and hence people are desperate to share the joy of Christmas. However, now the threat of the corona virus is not gone from all over the world.