The relationship between cricket and Bollywood is very old, so it is common for players to become biopic. In Bollywood, a lot of work has been done about the biopic of the players for a long time and the fans also like them. The biopic of Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been well received and has also received a lot of love from the fans. There are many cricketers in the Indian cricket team whose biopic can be worked on.

Let me tell you that when asking any player about a biopic, the first thing that is asked is which Bollywood actor you would like to see playing your character. Recently, when Bhuvneshwar Kumar was asked this, he took the name of a Bollywood actor, seeing that he feels that the actor can play his character better. He named Rajkumar Rao. He said, "Somebody suggested that Rajkummar Rao is very similar to me in terms of anatomy. I think he can play my character in my biopic.

30-year-old Indian pacer Bhuvaneshwar Kumar has been battling injuries for some time. For this reason, he remained out of several series last year. He underwent hernia surgery in January and stayed out of the New Zealand tour. He was expected to return to the cricket ground from IPL 2020, but the tournament was postponed indefinitely due to the corona virus.