Before the biggest career match, Per Mertesacker was called to a room at the training center in Germany and told that you will not play this match. Manager Joaquim Löw said - I am making some changes in the quarter-final match against France. Mertesacker was the team's most experienced player. He was on the field the entire time before the quarter-finals at the 2014 World Cup. They were shocked.

Lowe then sent his assistant Hansie Flick to talk to Mertesacker. Flick explained to Mertesacker. Germany beat France 1–0. Brazil became 7-1 in the semi-finals and world champions by beating Argentina 1–0 in the final. This was the first time Flick came to Limelight. In November last year, Flick became the manager of Germany's largest football club Bayern Munich.

Bayern beat Barcelona 8–2 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The coach's hard work was clearly visible in the performance of the players. Mertesacker explains- Flick asked Löw to always praise the Substitute. He used to say that the first team should not always be praised. They should be praised by those who do not play, but work hard throughout the week and create an atmosphere to win by playing.

Return at age 54
Flick used to play for Bayern in the 80s. His old partner, Oleaf Thon, tells - Flick was aware of Bayern's culture of sports. Started coaching career in 2000 after retirement. Along with Joaquim Löw, he was an assistant coach for the German team for 8 years. However, he returned to Bayern at the age of 54. He had not managed any team for 14 years.

Bayern Munich won all 8 matches
Flick finished the home season with a completely changed team. Bayern went on to win the Bundesliga and the German Cup. The most successful team of the Champions League. Won all 8 matches before knockout. Then beat Barcelona and Chelsea 8–2, 7–1. Flick emphasizes what players can do with the ball. How can players make better use of their talent?

Mentally support players

Pertesacker says- They can easily explain a person by their logic and emotions. They are very good communicators. They spend time with the players. They also support mentally. They are very reliable. Such a skill can be very important for a coach in a club like Bayern, as the club is full of high-profile and high-earning star players.