US golfer Tiger Woods was badly injured in a car accident on Tuesday. His right leg and ankle are injured. Had to put a rod in it. Recovery takes a long time after such an injury. Due to which questions have also started to be raised whether the 45-year-old Woods will be able to play golf again.

Woods' previous injuries and back troubles can prolong the recovery. This will reduce their chances of playing again. Indian-origin doctor Aneesh Mahajan, who was treating him, said, "Woods' muscles became so swollen that the surgeon had to cut the covering tissue to reduce pressure."

70% chance of complete recovery

Dr. R. Malcolm Smith, Head of Orthopedic Trauma at UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, said - such cases occur every day in a car accident. According to him, such lower leg fractures bring disabilities. It has a 70% chance of recovering completely. A surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Kyle Eberlin said- dirt can get into wounds in car accidents, increasing the likelihood of infection. According to him, the rehab will be long and difficult. It will only take months to put weight on the leg.

Be fine in 14 months

According to another surgeon Dr. Raza Ferozabadi, it may take 5 to 14 months for the leg bones to grow. Doctor Smith has even stated that Woods 'may not be able to play golf again' due to injury.