Former cricketer Kapil Dev has said that split captivity will not work in India. He said that split captaincy has no meaning in India's cricket culture. Kapil said that just as a multi-national company cannot have 2 CEOs, similarly, a team cannot have two captains. This increases the risk of cracks in the team.

Actually, after the 5th title of Mumbai Indians, there was a demand to make Rohit Sharma the T20 captain. Several former cricketers, including Gautam Gambhir, demanded the removal of Virat Kohli and give T20 captaincy to Rohit.

The captain cannot change for every format

At the HT Leadership Summit, Kapil said, 'This is not the case in our culture. If Kohli plays better in T20, then he should be allowed to continue as captain. I want others to come forward, but it is difficult that you change the captain from time to time and give new ones a chance in every format. '

Changing the captain can break the team

Kapil said, '80% of Team India players play Test, ODI, and T20 all three. They do not want different captains to have different theories. It can break a team and cause trouble. If there are 2 captains in the team, one player will start thinking that the captain made for the Test series is my favorite. I will not tease him. The one-day captain is not my favorite. I will not listen to him.

Sad with today's bowlers, swing matters more than Pace

Regarding fast bowling, Kapil said that he is sad that today's fast bowlers use a lot of variation. He said, 'I am not happy with the fast bowlers. The first cross of the match cannot be thrown from the seam. Bowlers in IPL have understood that swing matters more than Pace. Sandeep Sharma of Hyderabad threw slowly but swung the ball.

T Natarajan Hero of IPL 2020

Kapil said, 'T Natarajan is the hero of IPL. This young player threw many yorkers without fear. Swing is very important in Test cricket. This has been going on for a long time. Wasim Akram, Botham, Willis, Headley, and McGrath were such great bowlers. I think the art of swing bowling should come back to cricket again.

Kapil said that any team from India Australia will win the Test series, that team will also win the trophy for the World Test Championship.