Coronavirus, which caused worldwide devastation, started in Wuhan city of China last year. In this connection, a WHO team arrived in Wuhan to find the source of the coronavirus, from where they have made a major disclosure.
Coronavirus big disclosure

Indeed, scientists at the Wuhan Lab have confessed that they were bitten by some bats when they went to a mysterious cave to sample the bats. Not only this, but a video of Chinese scientists' negligence is also becoming quite viral, in which it has been revealed. Although this video is quite old.

The negligence of Chinese scientists has made the world heavy

According to reports, the same mysterious place is being called the home of infected bats. Let us know that the video going viral is very old, which was shown on the government channel CCTV about 2 years ago. In the video, scientists are taking samples in a cave of bats, but no precautions were taken during this time. Scientists did not even follow the WHO's safety standards, after which infected bats bit them.

Stools were collected from bats wearing T-shirts

In the video, scientists are seen collecting the infectious feces of bats by wearing only T-shirts. The Wuhan Lab researcher said, "The poisonous teeth of the bats penetrated my rubber glove and felt as if a needle was penetrating my hand."

Scientists went to detect the original virus of SARS

According to reports, the scientists wanted to find out the original virus of SARS, for which they went to catch the bats in the cave. They did not wear any PPE kit at that time. Even after wearing rubber gloves, when the bats have bitten the scientist, they kept working with open arms inside the lab.
China's 'Batwoman' boasted on bats

Please tell that earlier this video was posted by China Science Exploration Center, but later censored by China. In the video, China's' Bat Woman 'is seen saying,' This work is not as dangerous as people think. Bats indeed have many types of viruses, but the risk of infecting humans directly from them is quite low.

After the video surfaced, people feared that the scientists of the Wuhan Institute of Virology should be the conductors of bringing the virus to the lab.