Everyone knows that there is 70 percent water on the earth. Clean water is only 2.6 percent of the total water available on Earth. There is something about the unfathomable water on the earth which we call the ocean or ocean. About 70% of the earth is water, the rest is on the ground, on which there are humans, animals, forests, rivers, mountain rocks, and waterfalls etc. Humans have tried to understand the mystery of the ground to some extent, but we have been able to know very little about the oceans till date.

There are so many secrets still hidden in the depths of the sea, which we want to know today, even though science and technology has made more progress than before, but how much we try, we cannot claim to solve the mysteries of the sea. . The Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean join the Gulf of Alaska. Or it can be said that they do not meet together. It is said that it is because their water has never met each other. The waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans remain separate.

It can be clearly seen in the pictures that the waters of both the oceans are completely different from each other. One looks blue then one is light green. Some people see it as a miracle of God and some people associate it with religious beliefs.