The results of the US election have been revealed. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential election victory. But current President Donald Trump is not yet ready to give up. Meanwhile, the changes he has made to the US Defense Pentagon are speculating that President Donald Trump may try to overthrow the US. Donald's niece's tweet also reinforced these speculations.Senior officials are being removed from the Trump government. Biden loyalists are being appointed to these positions. On Monday, Trump said he removed Defense Minister Mark Esper. Christopher Mill, the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, has been posted in place of Esper. Trump is constantly reiterating that the presidential elections have been rigged. Trump is constantly questioning Joe Biden's victory.Agreeing with Trump, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said the transfer of power would be done peacefully. The Trump administration will begin its second term. At the same time, Trump's niece has pointed to the coup in America by tweeting. He said that Biden won the presidential election legitimately and decisively. No matter how much Trump's people lie, nothing is going to change. This is a coup attempt.