The fourth phase of lockdown is underway which is scheduled to continue till 31 May. Although there have been many concessions in this lockdown, there are still some restrictions. In such a situation, getting permission to go from one state to another is not so easy. This faced a bride and groom who were from different states and could not get permission to go to another state, due to which they got married on the state border itself. The bride then moved to the other state with the groom.

Let us tell you that Mohammad Faisal of Kothi Colony in Tehri, Uttarakhand was scheduled to be married on Wednesday from Ayesha of Nagina Mohalla Punjabiyan of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. Ayesha's family said that the procession was to come on Wednesday. But due to the lockdown, the groom's side could not get permission to enter Uttar Pradesh.

However, both sides wanted to perform the nikah on the due date, so the nikah was taught on the border of the states with permission from the administration. He further explained that during this time police of both the states were also present. The groom arrived in the Kotawali area on the Uttarakhand-Uttar Pradesh border with four baratis. The bride from Bijnor was also brought there. He had three relatives with him. After the marriage, the groom went to Uttarakhand with the bride. About this time the groom told that he had sought permission from the District Tehri District Magistrate to go to Uttar Pradesh, but due to the lockdown, the administration only allowed him to go to the border.