Repeated Nirbhaya incident in Noida, UP. A tragic incident of rape of a woman in a moving bus in Noida has come to light. For your information, tell that the woman was coming from Pratapgad to Noida with her children in a private bus, taking advantage of this, the driver and conductor of the bus raped the woman.

According to reports, the driver disappeared with the bus after this havoc. Somehow on reaching Noida, the woman told her husband of the whole incident that happened to her. After which the husband lodged a complaint with the Noida Sector 20 police station. However, the police has recovered the bus as well as the arrest of one. The victim riding the bus said that the driver first gave her a sleeper seat ahead. After this he started asking for more money. The lady said that where you land me, my husband will meet there, he will give the money.

Then after that he made him sit on the back seat, there was no one there. After this, the driver came after a while and started bullying me. He tied my hand and did the wrong thing and said that if you scream more, I will kill you. I have two children, I was afraid. I could not say anything. After this, the conductor and another boy said, "Take the money and end the talk." The woman told her husband on the phone.