Many kinds of animals are found on Earth, some of which are quite dangerous by nature and some are quite dangerous. Even today, in these minarets of hot water situated on the sea bottom, such creatures are found which are not found anywhere else on the surface of the earth. You all know that usually a snake has only one mouth, but have you ever seen a snake with two mouths? We are saying this because the picture of one such snake is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Which you can see in this post.

According to the information of the news, let me tell you that this rare snake has been seen in Ekarukhi village of Belda Forest Range in West Bengal, which was thronged by local people to see it. Not only this, people have also started feeding this snake. Some pictures of this snake have been viral on social media in which the snake can be seen drinking milk. Left on the spot.

This is not the first time people have seen a two-faced snake through viral photographs. Earlier this type of snake was seen in China, the video of which became increasingly viral on social media. Actually, a two-faced snake entered a farmer's house, which surprised the farmer.