Security arrangements in Delhi have been tightened after intelligence reports of a terrorist attack in Delhi on the occasion of Independence Day 2020. With this, an alert has been issued for Delhi. So that the terrorists could not succeed in their plans.

The security arrangements for the Independence Day celebrations on Thursday have been beefed up after receiving intelligence about a possible terrorist attack in the country's capital in the next three days. This time the security setup around the Red Fort will be different from previous years given the possibility of terrorist incidents. Security forces and Delhi Police personnel armed with high-tech temperature measuring instruments, gadgets, oximeters, Glock, and MP-5 machine guns will be seen guarding this time.

According to intelligence information, there have been indications of an extraordinary activity among the Justice Group of US terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. On 14, 15 and 16 August, this Khalistani terrorist group has announced to pay 2.5 million dollars to attack the Red Fort and hoist the Khalistani flag. After the release of this promising video by Gurwant Singh Pannu, the security officials are assuming that such a conspiracy has been hatched by Khalistani terrorists to disrupt the celebrations of 15 August.

Keeping this in mind, a seven-level security circle has been built around the Red Fort on Independence Day. Under this scheme, visitors coming to the Red Fort Ground on August 15 will be allowed to enter only after security checks posted on the spot.