The political battle of Rajasthan has now reached the Supreme Court. The hearing on the petition of Assembly Speaker CP Joshi against the High Court order is going on. Kapil Sibal is presenting arguments on behalf of the speaker. The bench of three judges including Justice Arun Mishra is hearing this.

The High Court has asked the speaker not to take any action against the rebel MLAs till July 24. Joshi had said in a press conference on Wednesday that the Constitution and the Supreme Court had fixed the responsibilities. As a speaker, I gave a show-cause notice to 19 Congress MLAs. If the authority does not issue a show-cause notice, what will be its work? The High Court had heard the disqualification notice issued to these MLAs on Tuesday for the second consecutive day. After the debate was over, the decision was reserved till July 24. Till then the speaker was ordered not to take action against these MLAs. The speaker has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against this.

What happened so far?

July 14: The speaker gave notice of disqualification to 19 MLAs including Sachin Pilot and sought reply by 1:30 pm on July 17.
July 16: 19 MLAs, including the pilot, moved the High Court against the notice. In the back and forth, Whip Chief Mahesh Jaeshi put a caveat on behalf of the government that his side should be heard before any decision is taken.
July 17: Hearing by a single bench of the High Court and referred the case to the two-judge bench. This bench set the hearing on 18 July.
July 18: The next hearing is set for July 20 and asks the speaker not to act on the notice until July 21. The speaker also defended the action, citing it.
July 20: Due to the non-completion of the debate, the High Court said - July 21 will also be heard.

July 21: The High Court again heard the case and reserved the verdict for July 24. The speaker was also asked not to take any decision until then.
July 22: Petition filed in the Supreme Court on the order of High Court by Speaker CP Joshi. The Sachin faction also lodged the Cavite.
July 23: Speaker CP Joshi approaches the Supreme Court against the High Court verdict. The court refused an immediate hearing.
July 24: Hearing in the Supreme Court on the petition of Speaker CP Joshi.