Along with the Corona crisis and the storm, the earthquake has spread panic in India. So far, earthquake tremors have been felt many times in the last two months. In this series, an earthquake occurred in two states of the country on Friday. The country's capital and its surrounding area can be hit by a major earthquake at any time. Senior scientists of the country have expressed such apprehension. The reason behind this is that Delhi-NCR (Delhi - NCR) has received several tremors of small earthquakes continuously for the last one month.

Let me tell you that there has been an earthquake in Jharkhand and Karnataka on Friday morning. According to the information, the tremor was felt by the people at 6.55 am. It measured 4.7 in the earthquake in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, while in Hampi, Karnataka, the earthquake was 4. There was chaos due to earth-shaking. People came out of their homes.

According to the news, let us tell you that there is no news of the loss of life and property on both the Richter scale due to the low intensity of the earthquake. According to experts, the plates of the Earth's lithosphere are rubbing together, due to which frequent earthquake tremors are being felt.