On Monday, during Bihar elections, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader and Mahagathbandhan Chief Ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav tried to make inflation an issue. During this time, Tejashwi reached in front of the people with a garland of onions and attacked the central and state government over the rising price of onions and potatoes. Tejashwi said that the price of potato onion is continuously increasing, but the government is not paying attention to it.Tejashwi lashed out at the government and said, "Onion is going to get close to Rs 100. There is no employment, people have to eat food. People who used to cry onions when onion was 50-60 rupees kg, where are these people now? Now the price of onion is above Rs 80 per kg. The poor are not being asked all over the country, they are being attacked. ”

Tejaswi also wrote on his Twitter handle, "The common man is triumphant due to inflation, corruption, and unemployment. Business is at a standstill. Farmers, laborers, youth, and businessmen have to eat food. Small traders have been killed by the BJP government. When inflation rose, these people used to roam around wearing onion garlands, now we are handing them this. ”

The RJD leader said that inflation is the biggest issue in the elections. Small traders are being destroyed, poverty is increasing. GDP is falling, we are going through an economic crisis. In such a situation, the people of BJP and coalition parties are silent.

He said that the prices of petrol, diesel, and food items are increasing. He said that the black market in Bihar has increased.

Elections are to be held in three phases for the 243 assembly seats in Bihar. Under this, voting will be held for 71 seats on October 28 for the first phase, 94 seats on November 3 for the second phase, and 78 seats on November 7 for the third phase. The counting of votes will take place on 10 November.