While the police are always surrounded by questions about style, cruelty, and bribery, on the other hand, their full face of humanity is also exposed. A similar case has emerged from Uttar Pradesh where a woman police officer won the hearts of everyone by wearing shoes with her hands to the elderly. His pictures have also become increasingly viral on social media and people are praising him a lot.

Elderly woman watching barefoot sweated SHO heart of unity

SHO Ekta Singh was doing her duty during 'Bharat Bandh' at the Christian crossroads, Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. Then she saw an elderly woman standing barefoot in the cold. Her heart ached and Ekta immediately went and asked the elderly woman, why not wear slippers or shoes on her feet?

Get the money from your own money

The elderly woman told that she is very poor and they do not have enough money to buy even slippers. Like she is living her life. After knowing the story of the elderly woman, SHO Ekta's heart was relieved.

Wear shoes with your hands

Then, did SHO Ekta immediately got the constable to buy shoes for the elderly. Her generosity did not end there ... After getting the shoes, she also helped her wear shoes to the elderly with her own hands. After this, he continues to be the cause of discussion on social media, where everyone is praising her a lot. Let us know that this picture of him has been shared on Twitter by the @MainpuriPolice account.

She has helped a mother in the past

However, this is not the first time he has shown his generosity. In March, an old mother-mother, who was abused by sons, came to him hoping for help. Then Mrs. Ekta saw the old mother crying and took it from her chest. Not only this, he said, "Sit mom eat food first, tell the problem later". After feeding the elder with his hand, Mrs. Ekta assured her of early disposal.
Hearing daughters' problems from house to house

Not only this, Mahila Police Station President Ekta Singh listens to the problems of women from house to house and gives them full help. Not only this, but she also teaches women self-defense tricks. Ekta has proved that the police can also become the healer of the pain of the victims.

Truly… Ekta has proved that she is a true police officer by setting the example of humanity. Our country needs such policemen. Those who understand the religion of humanity with their duty.