The corona epidemic has caused health as well as economic injury to people. A nationwide lockdown was announced from 25 March to prevent the spread of Corona. Meanwhile, millions of people became unemployed due to the collapse of industry and work. The employment crisis arose in front of people. For the first time, there was a migration of people from cities to villages. Meanwhile, the MNREGA scheme has emerged as a lifeline for the people.Under the scheme, about 20 lakh migrant laborers have got work after the lockdown in Rajasthan. While new job cards of 7 lakh workers have been created. MNREGA commissioner PC Kishan said that given the conditions created by the Corona crisis and lockdown, a lot of workers have got employment in MNREGA. He said that Rajasthan ranks first among the top five states. The number of MNREGA laborers in April was reduced due to the lockdown, but as soon as unlocked, a large number of workers have been given work under the MNREGA.In May, June, July, and August, more than two million new workers have been added to the MNREGA. In such a situation, MNREGA was ahead in the matter of giving employment to workers in the Corona period. The Gehlot government has given employment to millions of people under MNREGA. Although 70 to 80 percent of the workers who are working in external states, already have job cards.