Prime Minister Modi will come to live today at 4 pm, regarding the Corona crisis and the ongoing skirmish between India and China. He himself gave this information through his Twitter header. Let us know that PM Modi has addressed the nation 12 times after declaring the lockdown. Today, the name of the country will be the 13th address of Narendra Modi.

During this address, PM Narendra Modi can discuss the figures of Corona and the India-China fight in the country. Explain that after the ongoing battle between India and China, he will be meeting the public for the first time.

However, through the "Mann Ki Baat" program on Sunday, PM Modi shared many things with the people. In this program, he paid tribute to the martyred soldiers, besides the Indo-China war, storm, grasshopper attack, corona precautions. He also said that the country has come out of lockdown during the crisis of Corona. Apart from this, he had said that those who turn a bad eye towards India will get a befitting reply. However, he did not name China during this time.