Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane said on Tuesday that terrorism was being continuously promoted by Pakistan. Army Chief Narwane while addressing the annual conference of the Indian Army said that "Pakistan has been continuously promoting terrorism, but has been given a clear message that this will not be tolerated." Our right to retaliation is protected. We will decide its place and time. Our attack will be perfect. "He said that India has zero-tolerance for terror.

Army Chief General Narwane has said that the jugalbandi of Pakistan and China pose a great threat to us. This cannot be ignored. We are fully attentive on the borders of the North and are ready to face any challenge.

He also said that cooperation between China and Pakistan in both military and non-military sectors is increasing. General Narwane stressed that India is ready to deal with both threats firmly.Talking about the local recruitments in Jammu and Kashmir, the army chief said that the recruitment is still happening in various militant groups in Kashmir.

General Narwane said, “We carry out successful counter-terrorism operations in the valley, but there is also recruitment in terrorist groups. We always try how we can stop such recruitment. ”

He said that to stop the local recruitment, the Indian Army is running various outreach programs where security forces try to meet the youth who are caught in the trap of terrorist groups.

General Narwane said, "This is a continuous effort, which we are doing. Due to such efforts, there is a small reduction in recruitment every year. It keeps going up and down. "