Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that a day will come when the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) will also say that they want to join India. Rajnath Singh said this while addressing the Jammu mass dialogue rally through video conferencing. He said that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has changed rapidly since the removal of article 370. In the coming five years, we will change the picture of Jammu and Kashmir so much that the demand will arise from PoK itself that we now want to live with India. People of PoK will say that they do not want to live with Pakistan. The Defense Minister said that the resolution of our Parliament will be fulfilled on the same day.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, referring to the changes in the defense policy from India, said that the weather has changed. Its effect is now being seen in Islamabad as well. Its spanking can be seen in Pakistan. Pakistan's army is continuously doing mischief but the Indian army is giving a full answer to such mischief. During his address, the Defense Minister also paid tribute to Sarpanch Ajit Pandita who was killed by the terrorists. Apart from this, he also remembered Mohammad Maqbool Sherwani, who hoisted the tricolor in the Kashmir Valley in 1947. The Defense Minister said that earlier in Kashmir, there were slogans of independence, and flags of Pakistan and ISIS were visible, but now only the tricolor of India flutters gracefully.