The Shardiya Navratri has started today. The Shardiya Navaratri of this time will be from 17 to 25 October. But this time in the Corona period, something different will be seen. Special arrangements will be seen in the temples for 9 days in Navratri. Devotees will also have to take precautions to enter the temples due to the Corona epidemic. Some temple committees have decided not to make offerings and not to distribute.To maintain social distancing in the main Devi temples of the city on Friday, circles were made on the premises and outside so that darshan of Maa Durga and social distilling could be maintained. Like every year, the fair will not be organized in many temples this time. Every time a fair will be organized on Mansa Devi and Gol Temple. Some shops will be set up. Bhagwat Giri, the priest of the Mansa temple, said that by doing a grand adornment of the mother, devotees will be able to see the mother with social distancing.To follow the social distancing, circular circles are built on the second by five feet in the temple premises. Auspicious time of establishment on Sharadiya Navratri from 6:27 am to 10:13 am, Abhijeet Muhurta from 11:44 to 12:29 pm, Stagnant Lagna (Scorpio) - 8.45 am to 11 am (best for traders). Going to do. Special worship of Maa Durga can be done in temples.