Today there is hardly any area where women are not dominated. If we talk about a difficult field like engineering, then many women have also flagged here. However, it started during the 90s when Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha i.e. A Lalitha started living away from society to fulfill her engineering dream. A Lalitha was the first woman engineer in India as well as a woman who opened up new avenues of education for women.

Was interested in engineering since childhood

Lalita, who belongs to a middle-class family, was from Tamil Nadu. Born on August 27, 1919, in Chennai, Madras, A. Lalitha was interested in reading and writing since childhood. Her father was an electrical engineering professor, which led to his interest in science and technology. Even his 4 elder and 2 younger siblings were also in this area.

Married at the age of 15 and widowed at 18

He was married at just 15 years old. After marriage, she studied till 10th but then after 3 years, her husband died. Who left a 4-month-old baby girl in his lap. One was a widow and the other a 4-month-old baby girl (Shyamala) on her lap, at that time, the society was worse for widowed women. Lalita's mother-in-law also used to vent the anger of her son's death on him. But, leaving behind all obstacles, she kept herself independent and self-sufficient.

Realizing his dream by fighting society

It was as if after the death of her husband, her life started a new beginning. Till the 19-20 century, electronics is considered 'menial work' but Lalita was determined to move forward. Then did he enroll in college to teach electronics. Though he had to struggle a lot with the college professor and principal but with the support of parents, he got admission in the college.

First female engineering student in college

He completed his exam from the First Division from 'Queen Mary College', Chennai. a. Lalitha was the only woman in her course although 2 other girls in the college were from the civil branch. The girls were interested in the medical profession at that time. However, Lalita did not want to study such that she had to leave her daughter at night, so she chose engineering as her profession. During college days, she used to leave her daughter with her uncle and used to visit him once a week. But after studying, he wanted a 9 to 5 job because he also had to take care of his daughter.

India's first female electronic engineer

After graduation, he worked for some time with his father, Central Standard Organization, Shimla. He also worked at Associated Electrical Industries, Kolkata. In 1964, when she went to the ICWES (The International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists) event in New York, she came to know that she was the first woman engineer in India, and her head was raised with pride.

At the age of 60, A Lalita said goodbye to the world, but she left behind a story that is a true inspiration for today's generation.