Due to Corona, the lockdown has been going on all over the country for a long time and many people do not even have food to eat. But whose fate will not change, nothing can be said and something similar was seen in Kanpur, UP where a young man who distributes food to the needy fell in love with a begging girl and got married to her.

Many families have been forced to come on the road during the lockdown. Neelam, a girl from a similar family, begged to fill her stomach. On the other hand, Anil used to go there to share food with his boss to feed the needy daily in that area. Repeated meeting of girl and boy transformed the two into love. After that, both of them got married, bypassing all these things caste, religion and money.
Neelam's father has passed away, the mother is suffering from paralysis. The brother and sister-in-law had driven Neelam out of the house after beating her. As soon as Anil came to know of his helplessness, he immediately told his boss. The owner took cognizance of the matter and talked to Anil's father and got them both married. Anil works with a property dealer, has his own house and the family includes mother, father and brother.

Anil's owner Lalta Prasad says that Anil used to go with us every day to share food, where he fell in love with the girl. He further told that Anil informed him about this, so I advised Anil that he would cook the food himself and feed the girl. After this, I talked to Anil's father and got them both married. After marriage, Neelam says that I thought that I would not be able to get married either.