Rajasthan Desk. Corona's global epidemic has created panic in the whole country, due to this disease many people are dying every day. Admittedly, now the effect of this disease is diminishing but the infection of this disease is not taking the name of complete eradication.

Due to which the vaccine has been made for the prevention of corona infection in the country, which will be introduced from January 16, due to which the first batch of vaccine has reached Rajasthan today. According to information received from the Medical Department official, the first shipment was reached at Jaipur Airport at eleven am.

After which the vaccine was taken directly to the State Drug Store Center in Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar with strict security. After reaching the vaccine store, the container of the vaccine was worshiped and the drums were drilled and tell you that now the vaccine is only twenty thousand vaccines. She has come to Jaipur.