Reliance Jio, in collaboration with US technology firm Qualcomm, has successfully tested its 5G technology in the US. The announcement was made at a virtual event in San Diego, USA. Giving information about this, Reliance Jio Chairman Matthew Oman said that, together with Qualcomm and Reliance subsidiary Redis, we are working on 5G technology so that it can be launched in India soon. " In India, users will get 1 Gbps speed in India.

Maybe in the coming days, users in India will get 1 Gbps speed. About six months ago, on July 19, Mukesh Ambani, AGM of Reliance Industries and owner of Reliance Jio, announced the discovery of 5G technology. Mukesh Ambani handed over the technology to the country, which Mukesh Ambani said, "As soon as 5G spectrum is available, Reliance Jio is ready to test 5G technology and after successful testing of 5G technology, Reliance concentrates on exporting this technology. Will focus. "

Spectrum is not yet available in India for testing 5G technology. Reliance Jio's 5G technology has been successfully tested in the US. The technique has proven itself to be excellent on all parameters. Qualcomm's Senior Vice President, Durga Malladi said that we are working with Jio to develop a wide range of expandable solutions.