Indore Lok Sabha MP Shankar Lalwani (MP Shankar Lalwani) has come out on top with a study aimed at testing leadership qualities in Lok Sabha members during the Koro crisis. The study was conducted under the guidance of a professor at IIM Indore, Indore. This information was given by Professor Shubhamai Dey of the Information Systems Department, IIM Indore on Monday. He said that Kovid-19 caused difficulties in traveling to various parliamentary constituencies of the country. Therefore, for the study, a total of 20 tweets from 10 out of the 3 543 MPs of Lok Sabha were tweeted, who were continuously active at the grassroots level to help the common people in difficult times of the epidemic.

"This Speaker examined the leadership of Lok Sabha MPs during the Kovid-19 crisis on the parameters of foresight, decision making, commitment, courage, empathy, and intelligence," said a leading scholar of the study. Dey said that in this study, Lok Sabha MP of Indore Shankar Lalwani has been given first place. He said Ramesh Dhaduk (Porbandar), Ranjan Ben Bhatt (Vadodara), Naib Singh Saini (Kurukshetra), and Vishnudatta Sharma (Khajuraho) are joint second in the study. Ramcharan Bohra (Jaipur), Sanjay Bhatia (Karnal), Parneet Kaur (Patiala), and Raju Bista (Darjeeling) are joint third.

Indore MP Shankar Lalwani, who secured the first position in the study, reached the lower house of parliament with the highest number of votes in the country during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Lalwani, who was earlier elected as an MP, credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his inspiration and said that as a public representative, Modi always inspires me to work tirelessly.