Tensions running along the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh have now reached the sea. The Indian Navy is preparing in every way to respond to any kind of antics of the Chinese army at sea. The Indian Navy is going to purchase 10 state-of-the-art drones to monitor Chinese warships.

According to the information received, the Indian Navy has immediately passed a proposal to acquire 10 ships burn drones to boost surveillance capabilities against enemy warships in the wake of the ongoing tensions in the Indian Ocean region, which is subject to adverse conditions and in any way Can keep a close watch on the activities of

Sources in the government told ANI, "An offer has been brought by the Indian Navy in fast track mode before the Ministry of Defense, under which there are plans to purchase 10 Navy shipborne unmanned drones for about 1240 crores".

He said that as per naval plans, these drones would be deployed on large-sized warships and would help them detect movements of Chinese as well as other opponents in and around Indian territorial waters.

As planned, the Navy is looking at acquiring these drones and then deploying them on its warships for surveillance and monitoring of enemy movements. The Indian Navy is working on a separate project to acquire Sea Guardian drones from the United States.