China's border dispute with India continues to deepen amidst the coronavirus epidemic. Despite many levels of dialogue, China is not ready to accept. Things are becoming worrisome in Ladakh. The current dispute has been going on for almost a month, but no solution has been found so far. It is so sure that due to the harsh attitude of India, the tone of Beijing is changing.

Military and diplomatic efforts are being made to resolve this, but both armies are not ready to retreat from their positions. For your information, let us know that along with its troops on the border, China has also increased the deployment of weapons, tanks, and artillery guns. India has made complete arrangements in response to this.

According to the news, India has made a firm preparation to give a befitting reply to any action of China on the Ladakh border. Artillery guns like T-72, T-90 tanks, and Bofors can be deployed on the Ladakh border at short notice. The Bofors guns acquired from Sweden proved their usefulness during the Kargil War and freed sixes of Pakistani intruders. The biggest feature of this cannon is that it can fire from -3 to 70-degree high angle. Also, Air Force aircraft are constantly monitoring the movements of China.

For your information, let me tell you that since the beginning of May, the army of India and China are deployed in the Ladakh region. Soldiers of the two countries clashed first near Ladakh, after which China increased the number of troops and speeded up construction. However, in the meantime negotiations between the two countries have started, and recently the first phase has concluded. After this, there is news that the Chinese army is two km Has retreated to the border, these are good signs ahead of another conversation on 6 June.