The race between Greg Barclay and Imran Khawaja for the post of ICC chairman has become exciting. Let us know that out of 16 votes cast by electronic ballot, 10 Barkele and 6 votes have been received by Khwaja.With some new rules of the ICC, votes will be cast in three phases and hence there are two more remainings. According to the new rules of the ICC, to win either one of Barclay and Khwaja, two-thirds of the total votes (16) have to be taken. . Barclay needed 11 votes and Khwaja 7 votes to be elected ICC chairman. With Barclay's 11 votes, Khwaja would have got 5 votes.

At the same time, Barclay would have got only 9 votes if Khwaja got 7 votes. Explain that out of the total 16 votes in the ICC, 12 are full members of cricket. Apart from this, there are one independent women member and 2 associate members, while one vote will be cast by Khwaja, as she is currently a member of the board. The election will go to the next round after both candidates have not received much earlier.Explain that even in the second round, if one of the two candidates does not get a majority. Then the election will go to the third round and if there is no majority in the third round, Khwaja will continue as the interim chairman. Let me tell you that the world is eyeing the election for the post of ICC chairman. It will be interesting to see who holds this position. The position of chairman of ICC in world cricket is considered quite large.