The whole country is struggling with the coronavirus tragedy. During this time, where reports of people getting together and supporting the doctors-police and other employees are coming out, the news of lathi, brick-and-stone beating on them makes the society ashamed. However, recently an incident has come out from Kerala, after hearing which everyone's hair will be standing.
Rape with Corona positive woman

A case of rape of a Kovid-positive woman has come to light in Kerala, which has embarrassed humanity. According to reports, the ambulance driver carried out the incident on the way while taking the Kovid positive woman to the hospital.

Ambulance driver commits disgusting activity

On the complaint of the woman, the police hurried the case and immediately started investigating. At the same time, the district police have also taken the accused Naufal into custody. Explain that the accused works in the 109 ambulance service of the State Health Department. According to reports, the driver stopped the ambulance at a secluded place and did this disgusting act with the woman.

The woman lodged a report to the hospital

After reaching the hospital, the woman told the doctors after the incident, soon after which the police were informed about it. After recording the statement of the woman, she has been given special counseling. Along with this, he is also undergoing corona treatment.

When will the women of the country be safe?

Even if the accused get punished, but the question arises that despite such strict laws in the country, why such abusive incidents happen to women. Even today, why are millions of women in the country suffering from sexual violence, abandonment, domestic violence, acid attacks?

Now, this matter should not be limited to just posters, banners, pamphlets, and candles. Like Nirbhaya, every daughter who has been the victim of such violence should get justice. This situation will change only if strict action is taken on violence against women. The law of the country should be so strict that no one can see the daughters of the country even with their eyes raised.