Following the gang-rape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, the sequence of indecent incidents with women has increased. The incidents of rape of women in Balrampur, Azamgarh, Gorakhpur, and Baran in Gujarat after Hathras have raised many questions on the country's system.

The anger of the people has not diminished yet that in the meantime another heartbreaking incident has come out of Khammam district of Telangana. Here 13-year-old innocent girl has been abused and then tried to burn her alive.
13-year-old tried with rape

The case is dated 18 September, which came up on Monday 5 October. According to reports, Innocent, who hails from Palaligudem village in Khammam district, started working as a domestic help in Allam Subbarao's family in May and lived there. The son of the owner of the house forced the girl to have a physical relationship and when she did not listen, the poor tried to force her. That cruelty did not stop. After this, he also tried to burn the innocent.

70% burn victim

After the incident, the girl's employer admitted her to a private hospital. The girl's body is burnt up to 70% and she is fighting for her life in the hospital. The girl will be referred to another hospital for better treatment. After the incident, the father of the accused called the girl's father and said that she was injured while working in the kitchen.
Accused ran away due to fire

When the victim came to her senses, she revealed the truth to her parents. The victim said, 'I was working in the room, so he came in and started asking me to sleep with him. He forced me when I refused. When I struggled a lot, he tore my clothes and later set me on fire and ran away. ' Parents were surprised to learn everything from the daughter's mouth. The girl's father immediately filed a police complaint, after which the investigation began.

Hospital officials hid information about the incident

Police said that private hospitals and health officials did not give information about the incident and also tried to hide the details so the action will be taken against them. Police said that when they received the news of the incident, they immediately started investigating. It is not yet known who got the victim admitted to the hospital. Police are currently engaged in their proceedings and are trying to find the accused.
How long will women be disrespectful?

Even if the police arrest the accused and punish him severely, the question arises as to when the incidents of rape, quitting, and domestic violence with women will end. After all, when can women lift their heads without fear and move freely in society? Even though the country has been liberated today, women are still bound by their shackles of a male-dominated society, where women are blamed for such incidents.

The wolves hid in society now have no fear of police and law? Such incidents will stop only when the law of the country becomes so strict that no one even tries to look at women with a bad eye.