It does sound strange, but this is absolutely true. This is not done with any ritual or pleasure, it is done due to compulsion. Due to lack of girls among people belonging to a particular caste and religion settled here, the people of this village have made this rule. Under this, any house in the village which has more than one number of boys, they will all get married to the same girl.

This practice is that of Morena, bordering Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, where a bride marries brothers of the same family. After marriage she stays with those men alternately. Due to this, almost all the households in the village have the same daughter-in-law whereas the number of their husbands is more than one. If a brother of the family marries alone and brings the bride, then all his brothers will also have equal rights over it.

A man living in Sarai Chhola has said that there is a shortage of girls in his society, due to which this is happening. According to the report, it is being told that there are only a few families in the entire village in which a girl is married only and has only one husband. Otherwise, in every marriage that has taken place in the last few years, every girl has had more than one marriage and has more than one husband. It is learned that there are also eight husbands of many girls. Haven't you seen the surprise surprise somewhere?