Former DSP Krishna Chandra, once known as Encounter Specialist in Bihar Police, committed suicide by shooting himself in his house. In the suicide note before the suicide, he blamed his mental depression and that of a neighbor. K Chandra lived in his private residence in Mitramandi Colony Phase-2 of the Beur police station area of ​​Patna. Prior to the suicide, he also wrote a suicide note of two pages which the police have recovered. The son of the former DSP said that his father was troubled by the water logging problem in the house and shot himself due to the negligence of the municipal corporation. At the same time, after the incident, people in the entire area are surprised to think that the DSP who had killed dozens of criminals by killing them, why did he shoot himself on such a small thing.

K Chandra wrote in the suicide note that for the last 16 years I was undergoing my treatment. I have not slept for several months due to mental depression and now my depression has increased further due to the neighbor, due to which he has been forced to take steps like suicide. He has also apologized to his wife and children for the suicide and has written that apart from this he had no other way left. In his second suicide note, he wrote to his son about what to do and how to do it after his death.

Let me tell you that K. Chandra was counted among the daring officers of Bihar Police and he had done more than 60 encounters in his 37-year job. After retiring, he lived with his family in Patna. When the Patna Police got the news of suicide, there was a stir and on the spot many officers themselves went to investigate.