In north-India, the cold and blowing icy wind continues to cause a shivering cold. The Meteorological Department had already warned that the cold wave will return to North India after the rainy season. On the other hand, snowfall may have stopped in the mountains, but a thick layer of snow is seen everywhere. The common life in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal has been frozen due to snow. Some relief is expected from snowfall in the hilly areas.

The weather is expected to remain open till January 14. The cold wave has returned to Delhi and adjoining areas, cold has increased and the minimum temperature is expected to reach 5 degrees by 14 January. Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan are also vulnerable to cold wave. Fog may occur in Uttar Pradesh by 13 January. At the same time, in Madhya Pradesh, which is experiencing rain, now the clouds are clearing and the cold wave is returning. In MP, the mercury can roll down to 3 degrees in the next few days. The rain in Karnataka in the south is troubling people. The maximum humidity is due to constant humidity in the air in the capital city of Bhopal and Indore. The fog has been prevalent in Bhopal for the last five days.

Due to this, there is a difference of only 5 degrees Celsius between day temperature and night temperature. Bhopal recorded a minimum night temperature of 17.5, while the maximum daytime temperature on Sunday was 22.9 degrees Celsius. Now the morning will be fog like this for two days. However, now the possibility of rain is over. Clouds will begin to pick up after Sunday afternoon, but the effect of fog will be greater. After this, it will be cold again from 14 January. The Meteorological Department had predicted good sunshine two days ago, but this did not happen.