If you use the dating app Meetamful, then this news is very important for you. A hacker has attacked Meatmindful's security. According to the information received, the personal data of millions of people has been hacked. Not only this, hackers have uploaded the personal information of millions of people on the Internet.

MeetMindful is America's most popular dating app. Millions of Americans use it. According to the information, a hacker has downloaded about 1.2 GB of files from the website. This file contains information such as people's names, numbers, Facebook IDs, place of birth, and dating preferences. As soon as it is known, the management of MeetMindful has increased the security of the application to save more people data. Apart from this, the technical team is also trying to recover the leaked data. According to experts, this whole case is negligent as the data was posted in a hacking forum that was easily available to everyone and from there the hacker downloaded the data for free.

Dating app MeetMindful is headquartered in Colorado, Europe. MeetMindful started 7 years ago in 2014. Keith Gruen of MeetMindful apologized to users for the data leak and appealed to users to change their passwords. Keith Gruen said that the company is introducing new features to protect the app.

Last year too, data of US Virgin Media was leaked in 2020, in which information of about 1 lakh users was leaked. Earlier in 2018, British Airways customer data was leaked, which British Airways would still have to pay. Police have launched an investigation into the data leak case and have stepped up efforts to arrest the hacker. According to experts, the police have found some clues, which the police are using to reach the hacker.