During the Corona period, the government has ordered not to open schools and colleges. But there is a village which is taking away this order from the government. Yes, we are talking about a government school in Kalampura village where children are being taught. The village is in the home district of Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar.

Teaching and calling children to school

When the matter came to light, the Principal boundary of the school started making excuses. The children were being taught at the Government High School in Kalampura village, Karnal. However, no guidelines have been issued by the government to open schools. Despite this, the school was opened. At this school, children were being taught without any protection.
Children and principals did not wear masks

The children attending school did not even have a mask on their mouths. Even the principal of the school itself did not wear a mask. However, some teachers wore masks. But at this time the question arises that why is the school administration messing with the lives of children? When the media spoke to the school principal in this matter, they said that the children have been called to get their class book started.

But the library staff says that no child came here to take the book. Now the principal calls the children to school, so what can we say. Whereas it is the responsibility of a teacher not to endanger the lives of children. But the school administration here has no fear of coronavirus nor fear of any action. It remains to be seen what steps the District Education Department takes in this matter.