If you suddenly remember a song on the street, but you do not find the words, you will not be able to remember the words. Google has added a fun feature to its search tool. Google will remind you of songs you forgot and don't remember. Google's new feature is called 'hum to search'. This allows you to find the song by humming or whistling. You can easily find the song through Google Machine Learning. If the search result is correct, you can tap it and listen to the entire song.

Google's feature is available in the Google app for iOS and Android. It has also been introduced for Google Assistant. Google says the feature is only available in English on the iPhone, but in more than 20 languages ​​on Android. According to the company, Google is working on adding more languages.

You have to write a WhatsApp song on the google search engine. Or you can use the "Find a song" feature in the app instead of asking Google. Then just sing or whistle. After this, keep the song of the match on Google which you can tap and listen to.

Google says that it has created a machine learning model that matches the original melody to our humming, whistling, or singing. So you too can enjoy forgotten songs again using this new feature.