A father-in-law and daughter-in-law case of Jyoti Nagar area has come up. According to the victim-in-law, her father-in-law had been raping her for the past 5 years. Not only this, he also threatened daughter-in-law to die. According to the victim, her father-in-law used to say, 'You will be my girlfriend during the day and wife at night.' Troubled by the father-in-law's misdeeds, finally the daughter-in-law showed courage and told the whole thing to the maiden, after which the accused was against the father-in-law A complaint was lodged at Jyoti Nagar police station. Police have registered the case after medical examination of the victim and arrested the accused.

The 25-year-old victim lives in Kardampuri area with her husband, 2 children and other in-laws, her maternal uncle is in Brahmapuri. The victim married on 24 November 2011. The husband does a small job, while the father-in-law spends all the expenses of the house. That is why no one in the family speaks against him. According to the victim-in-law, after about a month of marriage, the accused father-in-law started to have a bad eye on her. One day, when he got an opportunity, he tried misdeeds.

When the daughter-in-law told her about this, she advised her to keep quiet. The husband also said to remain silent that you will not need to speak to anyone as his father would do. When the mother-in-law and husband got frustrated, the accused father-in-law openly started abusive acts in the house with daughter-in-law. Finally, after 5 years, the victim dared to tell her mother that she had an incident, after which the matter could be revealed.