On Wednesday, after the ruckus and violence during the Kisan Tractor rally held on Republic Day, farmer leaders made their stand clear. Farmer leader Balbir Singh Rajewal under the banner of United Kisan Morcha said that more than 2 lakh tractors came in the Kisan Republic Parade yesterday and the eyes of the world were on it. The government tried to break it under the conspiracy. The government itself brought Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Samiti forward in the parade. The government was in collusion with them. Constraints were created for us on every route. The government itself sent them all to the Red Fort and ITO and it is in front of everyone. Deep Sidhu is special to the government. On 26 January, all the policemen left the checkpoint and allowed them to do their work. These people hoisted the religious flag by removing the national flag. This led to feelings for us as well as the country. We apologize to the countrymen without any fault, but the movement of the Morcha will continue.

He said that we have decided that public meetings will be organized on behalf of the movement across the country on January 30 and a day's fast will be done. Currently, we have canceled the March program on Parliament on 1 February. The next date will be set about when it will happen now.

At the same time, Yogendra Yadav said that our yesterday's parade was successful. Some of the incidents in it were not according to our plans. You know that we isolated ourselves from such incidents. He said that we uncovered the role inside Deep Sidhu and Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Samiti. This is a well-planned person from the government. We appeal to the social boycott of Deep Sidhu from all over the country. Trespassing of the tricolor is an insult to the country. On 25 January, he made an announcement in front of everyone. He should be punished.