Facebook has integrated Messenger Rooms with Whatsapp on the web in the next phase to integrate its family of apps being used by 3.14 billion users worldwide. That is, the Messenger Rooms shortcut on the WhatsApp web is now available to all users.

People can now access Messenger Rooms, which allows group video calls of up to 50 people with no time limit via WhatsApp on the desktop. This will enable users to connect with their friends and family from their PCs and laptops through the messenger room.

However, this feature is not available on mobile, but only on the web version of WhatsApp. The integration of Messenger Rooms is yet to come on mobile.

Although there is no official statement on the messenger room coming to WhatsApp for the web, many users have reported its access to the social media platform. Facebook launched the video conferencing tool Messenger Room in May to compete with Zoom and other video platforms.

In Facebook Messenger Rooms users can post links in their news feed or a group or event page. Its specialty is that users can create messenger rooms and invite others even without the WhatsApp account.