Facebook is now getting caught in another new controversy. Previously, where it was alleged on Facebook that it gives users data to the third party, now it has got another charge. In fact, recently there have been reports that Facebook is keeping an eye on Instagram users through the mobile camera. According to the news, Facebook is using the phone's camera to steal data. Not only this, even when iPhone users were not active on the photo-sharing app Instagram, access to their phone's camera was seen, but all this news was denied by Facebook at first.

Accused of stealing data

Not only this, but a user has also accused Facebook of stealing data. In fact, in a petition filed in the federal court of the US city of San Francisco, New Jersey Instagram user Brittany Conditi has accused Facebook of stealing personal data using the camera via the Instagram app.
This is how data is stolen

You must have noticed that whenever you download an app and there are some conditions and then the option of permissions comes in which there are things like contacts, media, location, camera, etc. After accessing or waiting for these, the app can access data All the rights are available and whenever our phone's data is on, then these apps steal your data from theft and Facebook keeps an eye on it as well.

This is how Facebook is monitoring

Actually, Facebook is also keeping an eye on Instagram's data in this way. Technology is such that Facebook can access your camera without your consent because we have given it permission while downloading it.
Users extracted anger

Recently, due to some technical glitch on Instagram, users were unable to use the app for many hours. Angry users expressed their anger through Twitter.

Let me tell you that Facebook was sued last month too, in which it has been accused of illegally stealing the biometric data of more than 10 crores Instagram users through facial recognition technology.