Nothing is impossible for a Human, but sadly he/she does not believe in himself that there are so many powers within him. If a man goes into the depths of his mind, then by recognizing his powers and using them, he can also make the impossible work possible. Recently a similar case has come up.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra shared the video and described it as the definition of courage. Some time ago, I told the story of this woman, who is from Kerala and holds a driving license despite having no hands. For your information, tell us that this is the first woman in Asia who holds a driving license even after she is disabled, she drives a car with her feet. Which you can see in these pictures. It is also 28-year-old Jillumol Married Thomas, who has not had both hands since birth.

Let me tell you that in fact, Jilumol is suffering from a very rare disease called Thalidomide Syndrome, due to which both her hands are not born at all, but now Jilumol has got a new and different identity. Jillumol drives her car without a hand. Yes, she drives the car with her feet.

Jill hails from Karimanur village near Thodupuzha in Kerala. Since childhood, she drives her car with her feet and roams in her area and controls all controls very easily. Now a new video has surfaced of him, after watching it, Anand Mahindra has shared that video and wrote that "after seeing this, I may have better understood the meaning of the word courage now, it is not associated with Kovid but at such times It will give us faith in times of crisis, we will be able to overcome all the challenges that we face.