The coronavirus epidemic has ruined the lives of no people. For those who have already lived their lives with great difficulty, this time is not less than a tragedy. Refugee women in Venezuela, South America, are facing a double whammy of recession and epidemic these days. Because of Corona, where most of the people are in homes, women are forced to do sex trade here.

Venezuela is currently undergoing a major economic crisis due to the epidemic. Millions of people have left the country due to unemployment, devastation, and poor healthcare. The most vulnerable are the refugee women here who have been victims of violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking.

All the borders of South America are closed due to Coronavirus and lockdown, due to which the work of illegally transporting people from one place to another is being done stealthily. At the same time, some people are forced to cross the border even on foot.

These smugglers who illegally cross the border take a hefty amount in return. This is neither legal nor safe, especially if you are a woman, there is no guarantee that you will reach there safely.

A sex worker here said that 'men think that because you have children, you will do sex work for their upbringing. I too have many proposals for this work and I cannot deny it because I need work '.

Have to say, 'The condition of sex workers has become worrisome due to the epidemic. Due to the quarantine, she is not able to earn so much money that she can make necessary arrangements for her family and herself. Until two years ago, he was offered up to $ 9 (675 rupees) for prostitution work. She said, 'I know many such sex workers in Venezuela who are working for up to 2 dollars (150 rupees) to survive in this epidemic'.