After India, the Chinese mobile apps TikTok and WeChat, which have been facing the threat of a ban in the US for the last several days, have finally come on the target of Trump. President Trump has taken a tough stance and banned any transaction with the owners of these companies. At the same time, they have given it till September 15, TikTok will be banned if Microsoft is not able to buy TikTok by then. Trump has signed an order in this regard.

During this, he said in a statement that the Communist Party of China of data collection gets access to personal information of Americans. In such a situation, China also gets permission to track the locations of the Federal Officers and Contractors of America. The Communist Party can blackmail this private information by making dossiers and spying is also possible.

However, TickTalk-owned company ByteDance has denied negotiating any deal with Microsoft. After this, there is a possibility that the company may be banned in the US.

It may be known that earlier the US President had said in a statement that a ban is possible if Microsoft is not able to buy TickTock in 45 days.

It is noteworthy that India is the first country to ban TicTalk and WeChat. India imposed the ban citing national security concerns. India has banned 106 Chinese apps.