Almost all the countries of the world are struggling with the coronavirus and there are many countries where the cases of infection have crossed millions. Meanwhile, the CDC has told why the death toll from Coronavirus is so low?

Coronavirus infection started from Wuhan, China, and caught the whole world. China managed to overcome this, but recently patients started appearing again without symptoms. There are some countries which have made excellent arrangements to stop COVID 19 and they have also won to a large extent in preventing the spread of infection. When the epidemic of coronavirus entered India, the cases of infection have been kept confined to a large extent by implementing lockdown since March. However, the number of deaths worldwide is much lower than that of the infection, about which the CDC has issued a statement.

The CDC has confirmed that the number of deaths in the world is very low, given the incidence of infection. He also told how the death toll is so low and what is the reason for it?

CDC confirmed

The CDC, after preparing the report of Corona virus-infected cases all over the world, has gathered information that there is a big difference between the number of cases of coronavirus infection and the number of deaths due to it. This was possible because various treatment procedures were adopted to cure the coronavirus infection, which helped a lot.

The CDC also reported that the number of deaths from patients who do not show symptoms has decreased significantly. Due to this, the condition of spreading infection in the body is not very bad and if the patient gets treatment at the right time, then it also gets cured. It can also be considered as a major cause of low death due to coronavirus.

Among all this, a special note is that most of the people of the world who have died due to coronavirus infection have been seen above 60 years of age. The immunity of such people was also weak and during the long period of treatment, the effect of treatment was not done properly on them, due to which they died. However, some such cases have also been heard in which people between the ages of 20 and 30 have also died.

More number of people with underlying diseases

People suffering from diseases like underlying diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer etc. had to fall prey to coronavirus infection very easily. When the coronavirus infection was spreading across the world, the CDC had issued a guideline about how the underlying diseases are at greater risk of infection with the coronavirus.

The CDC has also stated in its report that the number of people who had some type of disease was higher due to death from coronavirus infection. This means that people who are already struggling with some disease should try their best to stay away from the coronavirus infection.