Corona virus has been wreaking havoc in the UK. There was no relief from the Corona virus yet that the new strain of Corona virus in Britain has also created panic. Meanwhile, the highest number of people have died in the UK due to the Corona virus since April. For the first time since April 2020 in the UK, more than 1000 people have died due to corona

. Now a day in the UK, about 1040 people have died due to corona virus infection. According to reports, the death toll from the corona virus epidemic in the UK has risen to 77, 346. With this, 62,320 new cases of Corona have also been reported in the UK. More than 28 million cases of corona have been reported in the UK so far. Meanwhile, a large number of people in the UK are getting infected with the virus after the arrival of a new corona strain. At the same time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the graph of Corona in the country is constantly increasing. In such a situation,

the campaign to apply vaccine has to be expedited. He appealed to people to stay in their homes. The new strain of corona virus found in Britain is believed to be stronger than before. According to WHO, the new strain of corona virus is extremely dangerous. According to scientists, the new virus is active in patients from the month of September 2020. Earlier, the Prime Minister had recently announced stringent restrictions in Britain.