The Coronavirus has caught many people by now. Millions of people have been infected by it. Earlier where corona cases had reduced but now the wave of increasing cases of the corona has come one more time. Now the fear of corona in the minds of people is over. People are roaming freely in crowded areas without a mask. If seen, now people are more afraid of Corona with its vaccine. People are running away from the vaccine, not from Corona. The vaccination campaign is also going on in India.

The second phase of the vaccine has also started, but in such a situation, there are many questions about the vaccine in the minds of the people to whom the vaccine will be placed and which people will not. According to the news, in the second phase, not all but the vaccine will be applied to those who will have some serious illness. Ever since Corona has started, diabetes patients are being informed about this, while there are also many questions in the mind of the people whether kidney disease or diabetes patients can take the vaccine or not. So let us give you detailed information about this.

Can diabetes patients take the vaccine?

If the experts agree on this, then diabetes patients can take the vaccine. Experts say that the vaccine will not have any effect on the person's sugar or blood pressure.
Diabetes patients should do this work immediately after taking the vaccine

On this, the doctors have said that the diabetes patients who have taken the vaccine stay at the storm hour and see if they have any problem. If you are having any problems, you should tell the doctor immediately.

How safe is it to take the vaccine for kidney patients?

On this, doctors have said that people struggling with kidney disease can also get vaccinated. Especially those who suffer from kidney, heart, and liver disease have less power to fight against diseases than other healthy people. Due to the lack of this capacity, diseases attack them quickly, due to which these people are most in need of vaccine. Therefore, if such people have corona, then the risk of dying in them is also much higher than the rest. Therefore, such people should also get vaccinated.
Can heart patients take the vaccine?

On this question also, experts and doctors say that such people can also take the vaccine. The vaccine is necessary for everyone. There will be no threat to anyone. At the same time, there is no other better way to avoid corona.

Will there be any risk if the patients who have had the vaccine get the vaccine?

Patients who have been transplanted or have a heart or kidney transplant, then such people can also take the vaccine. However, the effect of the vaccine is less on these people. If the effect of the vaccine is more on healthy people, then the effect on these people will be around 50 percent. But these patients should also not be afraid, rather they should get vaccinated.

It is worth mentioning that the campaign of vaccination is being carried out in the country, the second phase of which has also started from March 1. For this people are being made aware and they are being motivated to take the vaccine.